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Water and Wastewater International magazine’s Top 25 Leaders Listing, now in its second year, opens  2016 by ‘celebrating the best of the best, global thought leaders in the water/wastewater industries. Engineers, consultants, academics and utilities all have an important role to play in delivering crucial water services’. This poll of WWi readers, sponsored by Evoqua Water Technologies, voted Allan Lambert, founder of the ‘free to all’ LeaksSuite website, as  8th out of 25 International Water Leaders. In 2016 readers of Water and Wastewater International magazine voted Allan 8th out of 25 ‘best of the best’  global thought leaders in international water/wastewater industries.

The poll and the result were an unexpected but welcome surprise to the LeaksSuite Team.

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The LeaksSuite Team: Allan and Janet Lambert, Kate Stanton-Davies, Barry Griffiths,

In his 54 year career in water management, Allan has always been motivated to research, develop and freely disseminate practical concepts to the widest possible international audience. However, the rapid growth of this specialised website – 10,000 users in 167 countries in less than 3 years – would not have been possible without the skills of Barry (webmaster), the financial support of the Sponsors, and technical contributions and support from many colleagues both within and outside the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group (formerly Water Loss Task Forces), over the last 20 years.

Our sincere thanks to all WWi readers who voted for us. Your acknowledgement demonstrates that small independent family Consultancy Companies can also contribute to progress, and will inspire and motivate us to further widen the range and depth of the website content.

Thanks also to colleagues who have sent us their good wishes on this achievement: Alain, Alex, Alexandru, Alin, Alycia, Andrew, Andy, Atanas, Bambos, Cor, David, Dewi, Fatima, Frank, Gisele, Helen, Helier, Ignacio, Jamie, John C, John M, Ken, Laura, Laurie, Marco, Mathieu, Michel, Mordecai, Paul, Pedro, Philip, Stephen, Steve, Stuart, Tim –apologies if we missed anyone!

Allan Lambert, Janet Lambert, Kate Stanton-Davies (Directors); Barry Griffiths (Webmaster)

WWi’s Top 25 Leaders