Water and Wastewater International magazine’s Top 25 Water Leaders Listing, now in its third year, opens 2017 by ‘showcasing leadership talent – whether it’s founding and growing a Company from scratch, or adapting a well-established Corporation to weather economic and market changes’.  This annual poll of WWi readers has voted Allan Lambert, founder of the ‘free to all’ LeaksSuite website, as 17th of Top 25 International Water Leaders, and the only UK-based individual in this year’s awards.

This is the second successive year that Allan has figured in the WWi Top 25 which celebrated ‘the best of the best, global thought leaders in the water/wastewater industries. Engineers, consultants, academics and utilities all have an important role to play in delivering crucial water services’. The awards reflect the support and dedication of all of the LeaksSuite Team.

The LeaksSuite Team: Allan and Janet Lambert, Kate Stanton-Davies (Directors), Barry Griffiths (Webmaster)

Particular thanks to Barry Griffiths as webmaster for continuous refreshment, innovation and improvement of the website format, which has expanded the Info-Hub topics to include Apparent Losses and Intermittent Water Supply Systems. The website now disseminates, free to all, some 350 individual items of practical concepts, papers, presentations and software to user numbers which have risen during 2016 from 10,000 to over 18,000 in 171 countries, with 105,000 page views to date.

We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of our international Sponsors, without whom we would not be able to continue, and numerous technical contributions and support from many colleagues, both within and outside the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group (formerly IWA Water Loss Task Forces). Special thanks to Mark Shepherd for outstanding ongoing support and creating links to social media; to Michel Vermersch and Fatima Carteado for their major contributions to the Guidance Notes on Apparent Losses and Water Loss Reduction Planning; and to Marco Fantozzi and many other colleagues too numerous to mention, whose names frequently appear in the items on the website.

Our congratulations to the winner, René Noppeney  and our thanks to all WWi readers who voted for Allan, your acknowledgement demonstrates that small independent Consultancy Companies can also contribute to international advances in water management, and will inspire and motivate us to further widen the range and depth of the LEAKSSuite website content in 2017.

Allan Lambert, Janet Lambert, Kate Stanton-Davies, Barry Griffiths

WWi’s Top 25 Leaders 2017