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In addition to the free papers, presentations, and software available on this website, LEAKSSuite arranges, on request, basic, intermediate or high level training of small international groups, in the UK, Europe and Africa.  Workshops and Masterclasses are individually customised to include specific topics in which delegates wish to leverage their knowledge and performance by becoming better informed on the latest advances in theory and practical application. Leading experts in the topics under review are often also invited to attend, and share their international experiences and provide authoritative guidance on specific aspects where the delegates may have uncertainties.

Any Utility, Company, Group or individual wishing to discuss the option of creating a customised Masterclass or Workshop on any of the topics (or groups of topics) contained within the LEAKSSuite website is invited to Contact Us. Events can be arranged for any duration from one to several days, either in the UK or at a location to suit a specific group. Outline descriptions for previous events are listed at Previous Workshops; some of these include additional weblinks and feedback from delegates on the content and relevance of the completed events.

New LeaksSuite Masterclasses and Workshops that are already arranged, or in process of being arranged, will be shown below, and also listed in Upcoming Events with weblinks to further information.  Advance information on upcoming Conferences with substantial NRW content and presentations or papers by regular LEAKSSuite contributors on key LEAKSSuite topics will also be shown in Upcoming Events.

Date Upcoming LEAKSSuite Masterclasses and WorkshopsLink
8 Sep
University of Sheffield, UK; following CCWI 15th Int. Conference.
Realistic modelling of pressure-dependent leakage in water pipes. Applying FAVAD concepts to testing of pipe samples, with fast-track practitioner approach in distribution systems; practical prediction of pressure:burst frequency relationships.
Workshop leaders: Prof. Kobus van Zyl, Allan Lambert
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13 April 2017