Article from ‘Water Loss Detectives’

September 2015

Translated from Romanian Language

In 2015 Bucharest hosted a very important regional event on the management of water losses. The Water Loss Management Conference on 15-17 June held in the capital was part of a series of regional conferences from the International Association Water (IWA) on reducing the waste of water. The Water Loss Management Conference 2015 offered the opportunity to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and best international practices both in the assessment, management and reducing losses of water, and to control and improve water metering.

The suggested topics for discussion covered most interesting current topics related to the strategies of water companies to reduce losses, efficient water management of assets, efficiency management of operational and commercial failures and pressure, performance indicators, analytical tools, data collection, hydraulic models, efficiency in companies and capital investment planning, medium-term, high-impact projects to reduce water losses, best practices and case studies. The program was divided into 11 thematic sessions:

Session 1 – NRW Regional Activities.  Moderator: Bambos Charalambous

Session 2 – NRW Strategies. Moderator: Philip Giantris

Session 3 – Recent Good Practices in Leakage. Management Moderator: Jurica Kovač

Session 4 – transferable Good Practices and Knowledge on NRW. Moderator: Cor Merks

Session 5 – Efficiency in Water Networks. Moderator: Marco Fantozzi

Session 6 – Leakage Detection and Reduction. Moderator: Nicholas Petroulias

Session 7 – Water Measurement and Audit. Moderator:Diana Robescu

Session 8 -Focus on Romania. Moderator: Jan G. Janssens

Session 9 – Improving Performance NRW. Moderator: Michael Dorus

Session 10 – Software Modelling and Water Loss Assessment. Moderator: Georgi Hristov

Session 11 – Innovative Concepts. Moderator: Ion Bica

The organizing committee contained popular personalities from the water loss area, including IWA members of the Water Loss Specialist Group working with water industry specialists and academics from Romania. More details can be found on the website dedicated to the event: The program, organizing Committee, entitled works and authors can be found here.


Several of the presentations and papers can be found as Presentation 2015D, Presentation 2015G, Paper 2015H, Presentation 2015J, Presentation 2015K , Presentation 2015L, Paper 2015M, Presentation 2015N.

BONUS: a recent CIWEM policy position statement on Water Distribution System leakage in the UK –which is worth reading – can be found directly using this link.

Footnote: Water Loss Detectives is a popular and innovative magazine edited by Alin Anchidin and colleagues which promotes positive action to better understand and manage the high inherited Non-Revenue Water in many Eastern European Countries. ILMSS Ltd and WLR&A Ltd are very supportive of their efforts and pleased to be able to assist in promoting their initiatives.

Water Loss Conference Bucharest 2015 Overview