Water Loss Analysis Concepts

developed since 1994

with Application to International Case Studies

A series of significant developments in practical leakage analysis concepts over the last 20 years have been the foundation of approaches promoted by the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group and its predecessors since 2000, to help Utilities to improve their leakage management performance. However it is not easy to follow the sequence of developments, and the reasons why some guidelines exist, and others have been superseded.

This 5-day MasterClass, organised by Allan Lambert of Water Loss Research & Analysis Ltd, was held in Llandudno, North Wales in July 2014. It was attended throughout by Will Jernigan and Tory Wagoner of Cavanaugh, North Carolina, and Cor Merks from Netherlands. Marco Fantozzi from Italy, Jim Grundy and Ciaran Lynch of Welsh Water’s North East Division joined the discussions on a range of international Case Studies on the final day, and David Pearson was welcomed to the course dinner to explain ‘The Leakage Game’

The topics in the Table below were covered in varying degrees of detail, appropriate to the requirements of the participants. Several items of relevant ILMSS Ltd software were provided to support the course material.

Participants feedback:

Will Jernigan: We were privileged to take part in the Master Class with Allan.  It was intensive and thorough, but flexible when the discussion needed to take a particular direction.  The material was built from foundations in accounting and analysis, then to advance concepts and practices for leakage and pressure optimization.  The science of water loss management is, relatively speaking, a young one.  As such, the training also focused on recent case studies and application of both established and innovative techniques.  The time with Allan was invaluable. 

Tory N. Wagoner: I was honored to be a participant in the Master Class with Allan Lambert and others.  By spending 5 days in intense discussion about water loss control, my skills and expertise in the subject were enhanced immensely.  Allan was able to blend the theory with real world application and case studies to promote effective knowledge transfer.  I would highly recommend the training for anyone associated with the management, operation or analysis of water systems.

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Water Leakage and Pressure Management MasterClass