Leakage needs a level playing field

As the football World Cup is almost with us, it’s interesting to wonder what a Water Conservation World Cup might be like. Water Utilities around the world are trying to reduce excess leakage and consumption, to avoid wasting both water and energy, so let’s go to the 2014 Water Conservation World Cup Final, played between a leakage team and a consumption team to decide which team will become this year’s champions …..


If you find this difficult to believe, check out the free paper 2014K look at this recent post  and a recent article 2013H in our outreach pages.

It’s time to change – you’ll see that there are now better ways to provide a level playing field for national and international leakage targets and comparisons, which are being increasingly adopted in more countries every year.

(FIFA seem to have other things on their mind at the moment)

The Water Conservation World Cup