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Professionals abandon Percentages of SIV (PaP) is an initiative of the LEAKSSuite ‘KPIs Fit For Purpose’ Info-Hub. We are collecting in one location many international examples showing why % of System Input Volume is an unreliable and misleading performance indicator for NRW and its components, for tracking changes in management performance within an individual system, comparing management performance between different systems, and drawing general conclusions regarding management of NRW and its components.

The objective is to assist any person or organization considering whether to express (or continue to express) NRW and its components as a % of System Input Volume or Water Supplied (WS), to quickly realise that the outcome will be to confuse, rather than inform, the interpretation of true performance.

On this webpage, practitioners and users of LEAKSSuite with experience of these problems are invited to express personal support for this initiative by adding their name and affiliation below. Also let us know of references from published sources (national and state associations and standards, regulators, case studies etc.) for adding to the list on the Prosabandon%ofSIV Webpage.    

Supporters will be grouped by Country on the associated Supporters Webpage. Names or affiliations may remain anonymous and will be reported only as numbers unless you wish to authorise otherwise. E-mails will remain confidential and only be used to contact you if necessary for further information or clarification purposes.

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