Previous Workshops  

Previous LEAKSSuite Workshops and Masterclasses

Outline descriptions and Weblinks for previous LEAKSSuite Workshops and Masterclasses are listed in the  Table below; feedback from delegates on the content and relevance of the completed events is provided in the Weblinks.

Any Utility, Company, Group or individual wishing to discuss the option of creating a customised Masterclass or Workshop on any of the topics (or groups of topics) contained within the LEAKSSuite website is invited to Contact Us. Events can be arranged by WLRandA Ltd for any duration from one to several days, either in the UK or at a location to suit a specific group.


Date Description of Previous MasterClass or WorkshopLink
Sep 20171-day Workshop on Realistic modelling of pressure-dependent leakage in water pipes: applying FAVAD concepts to testing of pipe samples, with fast-track practitioner approach in distribution systems; practical prediction of pressure:burst frequency relationships. At University of Sheffield, UK; following CCWI 15th Int. Conference. Workshop leaders Prof Kobus van Zyl, A LambertRealistic modelling of pressure-dependent leakage
May 20173-day Masterclass in Ravenna (Italy) for Italian water utilities: Review of latest approaches and technologies for efficient management of NRW, pressure and energy in water distribution systems, with experts from Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK and New Zealand.Master Course on Water Systems Management
Nov 20164-day Masterclass in North Wales for Aguas de Saltillo (Mexico): Review of latest approaches for dealing with intermittent supply in systems with roof storage tanks, with experts from Brazil, Colombia, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Malta, South Africa, UK (including Exeter University Centre for Water Systems), USA.Managing NRW – Roof Storage Tanks & Intermittent Supply
April 2016 4-day Pressure Management MasterClass in North Wales for Echologics (Canada) covering potential practical advances in analysing and predicting benefits of pressure management. With experts from Italy, South Africa (including University of Cape Town), UKPressure Management Masterclass
Sep 2015 2-day Pressure Management Workshop: Understanding and Predicting the Benefits: organised by Aquas de Cascais in Cascais for 7 Portuguese Utilities within the AGS and Aquapor Groups of CompaniesPredicting the Benefits of Pressure Management
July 2014 5-day Water Leakage and Pressure Management Masterclass in North Wales for Cavanaugh Solutions (USA) on Water Loss Analysis concepts developed since 1994, with application to international Case Studies. With experts from Italy, Netherlands and UK.managing water distribution systems
March 2014 1-day Workshop, Brussels for AQUAFLanders Group of Water Utilities on IWA Best Practice Performance Indicators for Water Losses. WLR&A Ltd and Marco Fantozzi.water leakage and pressure masterclass
March 2014 3-day Workshop, Munich: Advanced Course on Pressure Management and Pressure Transients in Water Distribution Systems. Marco Fantozzi and ILMSS Ltd, with Deltares
Nov 2013 2-day Workshop for Malta Water & Sewerage Corporation in Malta on Snapshot ILI, Confidence Limits for Water Balance and KPIs, and EU Reference Document ‘Good Practices on Leakage Management’ by WLR&A Ltd
Nov 2013 2-day advanced training for Crowder Consulting (Birkenhead, UK) in International Water Loss and Pressure Management by WLR&A Ltd
Oct 20123-day Workshop, Amsterdam: Advanced Course on Pressure Management and Pressure Transients in Water Distribution Systems. Marco Fantozzi and ILMSS Ltd, with Deltares