How does pressure influence burst frequency

and asset life?


Allan Lambert, MD of Water Loss Research & Analysis Ltd, has been accumulating data and researching these topics internationally for the Water Loss Specialist Group of the International Water Association (IWA) since the mid-1990’s. He has recently been updating interested groups within the UK Water Industry on his latest findings, published in papers at IWA Conferences in Manila and Ferrara during 2012.

Brief presentations in 2012 at Water Loss UK (March), NO-DIG LIVE and WaterUK (October) identified  considerable interest in this topic. i20 Water, which specialises in advanced pressure management, invited Allan to make more detailed presentations,  alongside test data from their own projects presented by Andrew Burrows, at free water industry Workshops held in London (November) and near Coventry in January 2013.

Allan Lambert discussing the latest data on pressure bursts

Allan explained how John May’s pioneering work (1994) had inspired the WLTF pressure management team to collate and publish, in 2006, early international results from 112 pressure management zones (PMZs) in 10 countries, together with simple practical prediction methods to target zones with good potential for burst reduction. More recent applied research based on good quality data had produced a method for predicting burst reductions (separately for mains, and services) in individual zones over a wider range of initial conditions, taking into account pipe materials. Results and guidelines for data management were shown and compared with more limited conclusions of a recent UKWIR study (2011) based only on UK data.

Left Graph, Latest prediction method, in user-friendly graphical format. Right Graph, Predicted and actual mains bursts reduction, Durban CBD; note that pressure management reduces range of seasonal burst frequencies.

55 representatives, from 14 Water Utilities and 14 consultants/equipment manufacturers attended the i20 Workshops. Seven UK Water Utilities have already sought further information on application of the methods to their own systems.  Allan’s presentation at the Coventry Workshop will be available on this website in early February.

Pressure Bursts Update