International Case Studies in only 6-Slides

There are many international examples where percentages of System Input Volume don’t work effectively as a meaningful KPI, but are never recorded. In this webpage supporters of Professionals Abandon Percentages are invited to record their experiences in a maximum of 6 PowerPoint slides.

Please use the contact form to let us know if you wish to send an example PaPNote, we will then contact you.

For any examples published on this website the originator must confirm the data is in the public domain or that its use has been authorised, and can be made freely available to users of this website.

There are three categories as shown in the table: Tracking or Targets (ToT); Performance Comparisons (PC); Confusion or Spin (CoS).

RegionCountryExampleCategories: ToT, PC, CoS.
AfricaSouth AfricaiLembe, Kwa-Zulu NatalToT
AmericasUSAPhiladelphia, PA

Cavanagh Simulated Examples

AsiaPhilippines ManilaToT
InternationalUtilities in 6 different countriesComparison of RankingsPC