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These technical papers and presentations address developments in water leakage and pressure management theory and practice over recent years and are made available here as free downloads for your information. Please acknowledge the source ( if you reproduce any part of them.

Author(s)Title of reference material from 2016 -File
Laneuville M, Demard H, Estrada Côté V, Lambert AWater Loss Reduction: How Low Can We Go? Americana Réseau Environnement, Quebec AWWA Section. Montreal, 23rd March 2017Presentation 2017B
Fantozzi M, Lambert A. Regulation in water loss management and benchmarking to achieve efficiency: an International perspective: Fantozzi M and Lambert A. Plenary Session of Water Ideas Conference on Intelligent Distribution for Efficient and Affordable Supplies, Bologna, 20-21 Oct 2016.Presentation 2016P
Lambert A.LEAKSSuite: A Free Resource for improved practical assessment and management of Leakage, Pressure and Apparent Losses. Seminar for Centre for Water Studies, University of Exeter, 7th Oct 2016. This presentation shows how concepts and practical techniques have developed since 1994, and where to find information on them in the LEAKSSuite website. Presentation 2016N
Lambert AImproving international management of leakage – the hidden water resource. 4th British Hydrological Society International Conference, Cranfield University, 30th Aug to 1st Sep 2016.Presentation 2016L
Lambert A, Power point presentation explaining concepts and practical application of Average Zone Point (AZP) and Night Day Factor (NDF) Presentation 2016J
Lambert A,A simplified practical step-by-step approach to assessing random uncertainty in water balance calculations: getting started.Paper 2016H
Merks C, Trow S, Lambert A.Interview for Agua & Ambiente Journal/Water & Environment Magazine (Portugal) on the EU Reference document “Good Practices on Leakage Management” and its importance for Portugal. March 2016 Edition of Água&Ambiente" (Water&Environment) Magazine, Portugal.Portuguese Article 2016F
English Article 2016E
Shepherd M, Aldea A, Koelbl J, Kovac J, Lambert A, Laneuville M,
Leakage Performance Indicators ‘Fit for Purpose’ IWA Conference ‘Water Loss 2016’, Bangalore, 31 Jan to 3rd Feb 2016.Presentation 2016D
Fantozzi M, Lambert A, Merks C, Trow S, Charalambous B, Kovac J, EU Reference document Good Practices on Leakage Management (WFD CIS WG PoM) IWA Conference ‘Water Loss 2016’, Bangalore, 31 Jan to 3rd Feb 2016.Presentation 2016C
Fantozzi M, Lambert A, Shepherd M,Fulfilling a need: ‘Free to all’ Web-based Information on NRW, leakage and pressure management. IWA Conference ‘Water Loss 2016’, Bangalore, 31 Jan to 3rd Feb 2016.Presentation 2016B