Free Papers, Presentations and Guidelines

and Annual Overviews of WLR&A and ILMSS Activities

The concepts and practical modern international approaches to understanding and managing leakage are situated in diverse locations, which can be difficult for practitioners and researchers to find and access. WLRandA Ltd and ILMSS Ltd promote a policy of easy free access to their presentations and papers at Conferences and Workshops, basic technical Guidelines. Assignment of copyright to publishers requiring significant limits to be placed on such open access is actively avoided.

Any of the material in Free Papers &PPTs can be downloaded free of charge; our only request is that the source ( WLR&A Ltd, ILMSS Ltd or www.leakssuite.com) is acknowledged if any part of the material is reproduced elsewhere. Free licensed copies of some introductory Leakssuite software (AZPandNDFCalcs and CheckCalcs ), can also be provided through the Contact webpage.

ILMSS Ltd and WLR&A Ltd activities are listed by calendar year in the Activities section of the Website.