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To Help Water Loss Reduction

Launch of the new Leakssuite website was marked by Allan and Janet Lambert signing off the set-up phase with webmaster Barry Griffiths. “We are pleased that the new site is already attracting traffic; reaching corners of the globe as an information hub in support of our regional business partners exactly as intended” said Allan “Barry has done a terrific job for us”.

The new site carries the same URL (address or Uniform Resource Locator) as the previous Leakssuite.com website which had built-up authority for the address and core subject of international water leakage and pressure management, making it easier for the new site to hit the ground running.

The new leakssuite website has been launched to help water conservation“This website has been constructed using WordPress open source software and an emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)” said Barry who has worked in various international industries and managed his own companies and currently concentrates on developing a small number of bespoke websites from www.bazzco.org

“This is a fascinating project” said Barry. “Allan and Janet wanted to support their international IWA colleagues and LeaksSuite Software users whilst at the same time providing an authoritative source of readily available and mostly free information and reference material, to assist practitioners in water conservation”.

Even with Allan’s long term prominence in the field of water loss and resources management; it was recognised that SEO was a pre-condition (not an afterthought) to achieve internet visibility in a huge global industry. This is because major utilities, numerous specialist international authorities as well as substantial suppliers, consumers, regulators and representative bodies use similar search phrases and key words in their page content and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Recent and continuous tuning of search engine algorithms and their increasing emphasis on sensible, responsible and accurate written content is what this site aims for and so our approach to SEO has been rooted in good practice White-Hat techniques underpinned with consistency and aligned Meta data, appropriate links and context tags; all as originally planned, to be a free information hub for the industry primarily and in the process increasingly found by browsers interested to spread the message.

Moving on from here; ILMSS Ltd and WLR&A Ltd plan to add relevant, authorative content in terms of conference papers, presentations, articles and up-dates. Allan will also add blogs reflecting his research and observations on key issues, so if you choose to keep the site in your favourites and wish to link to it from a high rank page on your site you can help to ensure we maintain this unique and free contribution to the body of knowledge in this critical time for the global water industry.

Leakssuite website