LeaksSuite Website Review Jan 2017

Progress in 2016 and Two new Initiatives for 2017

The major upgrade of the LEAKSSuite website in Feb 2013 created a free information source for international concepts and management of Non-Revenue Water, Apparent Losses, Leakage and Pressure. During 2016, User numbers almost doubled, to 17,700 from 177 countries, and number of Page Views passed 100,000. The overview of the website statistics to date, near the end of this Blog, shows User numbers by Google Geographical region and country; key topics of User interest are shown below. Analysis of trends in this data is used to identify new initiatives which are likely to be of greatest interest and benefit to Users.

As the number of free items on the Website continues to grow, provision of a Navigation diagram on the ‘Welcome’ Home Page, and the creation of Info-Hubs on specific topics, have made it easier for Users to access material of interest to them on the site. Some 1200 Users have also registered on the LEAKSSuite Knowledge Hub so that they can be automatically advised whenever additional items are listed in Whats New.

Following the completion of a multi-author Guidance Note in September 2016, Page Views of the Apparent Losses Info-Hub increased from 800 to 5200 in 2016.  Page Views of the other Info-Hubs have also risen substantially during 2016, for example Global ILIs from 2700 to 6500 with the addition of data sets from Aquaflanders, Croatia, Denmark and New Zealand, and updating of Australian and Portuguese data sets during 2016.

The Info-Hubs clearly provide an effective means of concentrating papers and other material on a single topic in one easily accessible location, and have stimulated LEAKSSuite to introduce 2 new initiatives for the start of 2017.

Intermittent Water Supply Info-Hub Initiative

After problems of intermittent supply were highlighted at IWA Water Loss Bangalore in early 2016, LEAKSSuite arranged a 4-day Master class in November to discuss this topic in detail, with particular reference to systems with customer storage tanks. With the active support of several leading practitioners in this field, a new Info-Hub Intermittent Water Supply: taking back control has been created. Priority will be given to papers, presentations and articles which stress the importance, and the benefits, of trying to move from intermittent to continuous supply, even at low pressure; choice of the most appropriate sequences of activities, and the most relevant performance indicators to use for setting targets and assessing progress.

Professionals abandon NRW%s of SIV Initiative

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong (Mencken). There is irrefutable published evidence and authoritative recommendations, over the past 20 years, that expressing NRW and its components as a % of System Input Volume is a fundamentally flawed practice. Yet too many individuals and organisations associated with Water Supply, who should know better, continue to promote the use of this misleading measure as if it is a meaningful performance indicator. This encourages others who cannot be expected (or bothered) to understand the resulting problems, to copy them.

Improved and proven performance indicators since 2000 for managing NRW and its components have helped to achieve sustained reductions in many countries and Utilities. In ‘KPIs Fit for Purpose’ Info-Hub, a new Pros abandon %s of SIV Webpage lists numerous international articles and recommendations, which can be viewed or downloaded, and clearly demonstrate the fallibility of using NRW as a % of SIV. These are provided as authoritative references that anyone can access free of charge, so that no-one can claim that they ‘did not know’ or that it ‘doesn’t matter’. In the Supporters of PaP Initiative webpage, many international Water Conservation Professionals who are trying to eradicate this problem have already registered their support for this Initiative; others who have the same motivation are strongly encouraged to join them through register your support , to clearly demonstrate their belief that effective Water Conservation in the 21st Century is far too important to be compromised by passive acceptance of such loose thinking.

The LEAKSSuite website will continue to actively draw attention to this problem in 2017,  and continue to provide a centre for highlighting examples of the absurdity of using NRW% by volume, without fear or favour. We would welcome the active support of like-minded professionals.

Website Statistics to 31st December 2016

LeaksSuite Website content rates highly in Google searches for ‘Water Leakage and Pressure Management’ and associated topics. Cumulative and Quarterly growth of numbers of New Users, Sessions and Page Views have all risen consistently since January 2013, with a sustained increase in 2017 of around 730 new Users each month, associated with the creation of Info-Hubs on Influences of Pressure, KPIs Fit for Purpose, Apparent Losses, Global ILIs. A new Info-Hub on Intermittent Water Supplies .has been created for 2017.

Number of Users continues to grow in all Google Geographical Regions, at rates ranging from 13% per quarter (Europe and Americas) to 18% (Asia, Africa and Oceania), with an overall average 14% . The split between new and return Users continues to be consistent at around 60%:40%. Most Users find the website through Organic Search (66% of sessions), followed by Direct Access (23% of sessions) then Referrals (6%,) and 5% from social media for this website with specialist technical content.

For slower viewing of individual slides in sequences below, click on any slide and then move backwards or forwards using arrows which appear at the left and right sides of the slides.

The largest User numbers are in Europe, then Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

We would also appreciate feedback from users on what you like or dislike about the Website; please use ‘Contact Us’ to let us know. We will attempt to reply to all such feedback.

Any potential Sponsors who may be interested to support our ‘free to all’ philosophy and activities, to enable us to continue and develop our free service to others, are also welcome to Contact Us.

LeaksSuite Website Approach

The LeaksSuite website is written by us using current issue industry standard open source WordPress software and appropriate plug-in and back-up applications and themes; as such it is robust and independent to our best endeavours. The site adopts Google Analytics (GA) to monitor search engine results pages (SERPS) and to track other anonymous user parameters in an effort to maintain currency of content and focus on our mission through consistent and appropriate inclusion and site navigation. GA filters are applied to reduce referral and other spam and this apparent traffic reduction is reflected in the statistics quoted. Search engine optimisation (SEO) follows “white hat” content driven best practice without any attempt to apply black-hat techniques. As such the websites authority is derived purely by and is dependent upon substantial verified industry leading content and references. It is our intention to continuously enliven the site with new content and innovation.

Allan Lambert, on behalf of ILMSS Ltd and WLR&A Ltd

LeaksSuite 2017 Initiatives