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This webpage is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Theory and Concepts, free Software, Blogs, Case Studies, and Articles, Papers and Presentations on this website, relating to the topic of Performance Indicators for Real Losses and other components of Non Revenue Water. Taken together, this information shows how an improved approach to selection of  Fit for Purpose KPIs has gradually developed since 1999.

For Real Losses and NRW, fundamental problems associated with the traditional KPI ‘percentage of system input volume’ (however defined) have been clearly exposed, leading to decreasing use of this KPI internationally.  In contrast, the Infrastructure Leakage Index ILI, developed by the 1st IWA Water Loss Task Force specifically for technical performance comparisons in leakage management on an  International, National, Regional, Utility and within-Utility basis, continues to be adopted by more countries every year.

From the ‘Concepts’ Webpages:

  • Key Performance Indicators Overview: KPI
  • Unavoidable Annual Real Losses and Infrastructure Leakage Index : UARL and ILI

From the ‘Free Software’ Webpages

Oct 2017NRW as % of SIV fails yet again to identify major NRW savings in Romania; possible motivations for users of this failed KPI are reviewed. Weblink: Blog NRW as % of SIV fails againAug 2017ILI Overviews by Country
Aug 2017Reliable operational Performance Indicators are critical to address water losses (IWA blog)Aug 2017Netherlands ILIs
Aug 2016EurWB&PICalcs now available in GreekDec 2016AquaFlanders Utility ILIs
May 2016Interpreting Leakage in England & WalesMay 2016New Zealand ILI's
Sept 2015Some Misconceptions about ILI in the UKFeb 2016Croatian LILs
Danish ILIs
July 2015NRW Management and Misperceptions in the USAOct 2015Austrian ILIs
June 2015Bulgarian NRW KPIs: Update of Bulgarian OrdinanceSep 2015Canadian ILIs
June 2015UK Water Distribution Leakage: CIWEM Policy Position Statement UpdateJune 2015North American ILIs (AWWA and Georgia)
Jan 2015EU Good Practices on Leakage ManagementApr 2014European ILIs
Oct 2014The Zero-Sum Leakage Performance Indicator and Play the % GameMar 2014Australian ILIs
May 2014The Water Conservation World Cup: Leakage needs a level playing fieldFeb 2014Global ILIs
Nov 2013Percentages don’t work for tracking NRW and Leakage ReductionJan 2014Portuguese ILIs
Merks C, Shepherd M, Fantozzi M, Lambert ANRW as a % of System Input Volume just doesn’t work! PI 2017 Conference of the IWA
benchmarking and performance assessment group in Vienna, Austria, May 15-17 2017
Presentation 2017C
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Lambert A:
presented by Fantozzi M
Smart Water Loss Performance Indicators for Smart Water Networks. Keynote Speech, IWA Conference 'Water Ideas 2014: Intelligent Distribution for Efficient and affordable Supplies'. Bologna, Italy, 22-24 October 2014
See also EU Good Practices on Leakage Management blog
Presentation 2014Q

Lambert A, Koelbl J, Fuchs-Hanusch DInterpreting ILIs in Small Systems. IWA Conference 'Water Ideas 2014: Intelligent Distribution for Efficient and affordable Supplies'. Bologna, Italy, 22-24 October 2014Presentation 2014M
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Appendix A
Reid CampbellPresentation: Halifax Water’s Water Loss Journey 1999-2014. Vienna, Austria, 1st April 2014 IWA Water Loss 2014Presentation 2014D
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Article 2013H
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