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Quantifying Pressure Management Benefits

This webpage is a Info-Hub for Theory and Concepts, free Software, Blogs, Guidelines, Case Studies, and Articles, Papers and Presentations on this website, relating to the topic of Pressure Management Benefits. The Articles, Papers and Presentations in the ‘Theory and Concepts’ Section of the Table below show how a better understanding of concepts to assess and predict the various benefits of pressure management has gradually developed. John May provided the foundation for much of this work when in 1994 he published the ‘FAVAD – Fixed and Variable Area Discharges’ Concept, and clearly demonstrated that mains burst frequency in UK Zones varied and reduced with pressure.

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10 June
Updates on applying the FAVAD Concept to Pressure:Leak Flow relationships: Info on Presentations June to Sep 2017 Pressure Leak Flow Relationships
18 May
Pressure transients – seeing is believing
Hidden transients cause leaks, raise repair costs, reduce asset life.
Pressure Transient Awareness
Echologics Water Loss and Pressure Management Concepts Masterclass Pressure Management MasterClass
Pressure Management of Water Distribution Systems: Understanding
and Predicting the Benefits. Portuguese Utilities Workshop
Pressure Management of Water Distribution Systems
July 2014Water Loss Analysis Concepts developed since 1994: with application to International Case StudiesWater Leakage and Pressure Management MasterClass
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SourceTheory and Concepts ReferencesWeblinks
Lambert A, Fantozzi M, Shepherd M When the N1 Power Law is used as an approximation for the FAVAD Concept, N1 is usually assumed to be constant over small ranges of pressure. This paper shows how N1 is influenced by pressure if the full FAVAD concept is applied.Paper 2017L
Presentation 2017K
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