Portugeuse ILIs 2013

ILIs in Portugal – update 2014

A number of Portuguese Utilities have been systematically calculating validated IWA Water Balances and leakage performance indicators as part of the National iPerdas initiative for the efficient control of losses. This training and capacity development approach involves 21 Water Utilities and 7 other organizations including consultants and technology providers, assisting the water utilities to develop their own water-energy loss management plans, to create awareness of the need for short, medium and long-term sustainable and integrated water and energy loss management.

Nine of these 21 Utilities, ranging in size from around 2000 to 42000 service connections, have kindly volunteered to provide their calculated and validated ILIs for 2013, with data provision to this website co-ordinated through the Urban Water Division of LNEC (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) based in Lisbon. This data set will substantially add to Portugal’s single previous ILI contribution to the European data set European ILI when it is next updated.P2b

Leakage Performance Categories A to D for ILI, first introduced into World Bank Institute NRW Training Modules in 2005, as defined for a High-Income Country as classified by International Water Association (IWA), are shown at the left hand side of the chart. Each Leakage Performance Category (LPC) is associated with a set of recommendations for leakage management activities appropriate to that LPC (see UARL and ILI).

The EU Reference document ‘Good Practices on Leakage Management’ (2014, awaiting publication) recommends that ILIs should be accompanied with a measure of pressure, as opportunities for pressure management for further reduction of leakage may exist. Accordingly, average pressures are also shown in the chart, with suggested categories from the EU Reference document shown at the right hand side of the chart.

Acknowledgements: thanks to all Portuguese Utilities which contributed to this ILI data set, and to Helena Alegre, Dália Loureiro and Aisha Mamade at LNEC for helpful liaison associated with data provision. Congratulations also to Portugal as being the first European country to contribute a separate data set to this international ILI data base.

Future Updates: European Utilities with reliable calculated ILI values wishing to be represented in future summaries of European ILI on this website are invited to Contact  WLRandA Ltd. Countries in Europe and elsewhere which already have sufficient ILI data to justify a separate entry within Global ILIs are also invited to Contact WLRandA.