EurWB&PICalcs now available in Greek

As part of the co-operative effort to introduce and promote the recommendations of the EU Reference document Good Practices on Leakage Management (2015) throughout Greece, the Hellenic Water Association (HWA) has been working with the Technical Committee of the Municipal Water Works Association of Greece (EDEYA) to produce a Greek language version of the EurWB&PICalcs Water Balance and Performance Indicators free software, which is based on IWA Water Loss management practices.

An English language version of EurWB&PICalcs, which is customized to be used with the ‘Getting Started’ Section 6 of the EU Reference document, has been available free on request through the LEAKSSuite website and from Studio Fantozzi since April 2015; numerous copies have been licensed to various European Utilities and countries.

Now, through a ‘pro bono’ co-operative effort between Melcer Consulting and ILMSS Ltd, a Greek language version of the EurWB&PICalcs software has been created, which will be promoted on the Hellenic Water Association Website and available free to Greek Utilities through  Melcer Consulting.

Wide acceptability of the EU reference document is being rapidly achieved. It is hoped that a Greek language version of the free software will help to further stimulate interest in Greece, as has occurred in Croatia following translation of the EU Reference document and the free software into Croatian by Aqua Libera.

Acknowledgements and thanks for this team effort to: Nicholas Petroulias, President of HWA and Managing Director of Melcer Consulting; Eirini Bougoulia of Melcer Consulting for the translation; and Marco Fantozzi, the Licensed European distributor of LEAKSSuite software.

Allan Lambert, ILMSS Ltd, 6th August 2016

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