Free European Water Balance and  KPI software

To Quantify Utility Leakage and Performance Indicators

This free software uses methods and recommendations in the EU Reference document ‘Good Practices on Leakage Control WFD CIS WG PoM’ (European Union, 2015). The Reference document is now publicly available following an initiative sponsored by the European Commission (DG Environment), and is also approved by EurEau. The EurWB&PICalcs software is designed to be used in the ‘Getting Started’ methodology to provide a quick assessment of current leakage management and ‘fit for purpose’ leakage performance indicators for any Utility system or sub-system, with quick simple sensitivity testing.

EurWB&PICalcs is now available in English, Croatian and Greek language versions, and free to European Water Utilities. Contact Jurica Kovac for the Croatian version, Melcer Consulting for the Greek language version, and Studio Fantozzi for other European countries. Countries outside Europe requiring a free water balance and PI software can request the free CheckCalcs software from ILMSS Ltd through Contact Us; please specify Country, Organisation, name of person making the request, and contact e-mail.

EurWB&PICalcs (Basic Version)  is an Excel Workbook with colour coded cells. In the yellow cells, enter  system infrastructure and other data, followed by annual water balance start/finish dates and volumes. Guideline maximum defaults (purple cells) are provided for Unbilled Authorised Consumption and Apparent Losses; Utility specific data are of course preferred, if available. The Water Balance is shown in volume/year, volume/day, m3/km mains/day and litres/service connection/day. Unavoidable Annual Real Losses (UARL) and Infrastructure Leakage Index ILI are calculated using the annual version of the IWA formula for UARL, which uses total length of underground service connections, main to first meter.

For sensitivity testing, modify one or more parameters which you may be less sure about, to immediately see the effect on the calculated NRW, leakage and performance indicators.


The calculation also contains an optional calculation of repair frequencies on mains, and on service connections, with the burst frequencies assumed in the UARL formula.

Space is also provided to add comments on the calculation, immediately after the audit trail on the last row of the calculation. Links are provided to additional sources of information on the IWA Water Balance, and the UARL and ILI.

Guidance, based on recommendations in the EU Reference document, is then provided on which leakage performance indicators are most suitable for which purposes.


The software also contains a block diagram of the Water Balance, and the most recent available set of ILIs for Europe, from the ‘European ILIs’ section of ‘Global ILIs’ on this website. More information on accessing the EU Reference documents and associated information can be found here.


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Updated 21 August 2016