Blurred Images

Image Blur? 

Quick Fix or Browser Optimisation?

If a chart or table in a LeaksSuite webpage appears to be blurred on your screen just click on the item, in most cases it will open in a separate window clearer and larger.

The initial problem is likely to be caused by web browsers which vary in configuration control, age, focus and capability; some LeaksSuite visitors using different browsers may experience different quality in terms of page opening speed or image resolution.

The above image is a small section of the LeaksSuite Concepts table as viewed through Internet Explorer 11 and  below via the browser Firefox. In both cases the page is set up to open the table in a separate larger window by clicking on the table. Try it.

An iPad using Safari browser delivers clear content and there are optional Apple compatible browsers like Firefox. Whilst we recognise that visitors are using browsers and technology combinations which meet their overall needs, we offer these observations in case visitors to LeaksSuite are experiencing problems which an alternative browser may overcome.

24 Aug 2017

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