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Free Guidance Notes, Papers and Presentations

On assessment and management of Apparent Losses

The concepts and practical modern international approaches to understanding and managing Apparent Losses are situated in diverse locations, which can be difficult for practitioners and researchers to find and access. Alex Rizzo, Michel Vermersch and Fatima Carteado, who are recognized experts in this topic, strongly support the policy of WLRandA Ltd and ILMSS Ltd in promoting easy free access to their presentations and papers at Conferences and Workshops, and to technical Guidance notes. Assignment of copyright to publishers requiring significant limits to be placed on such open access is actively avoided. Alex, Michel and Fatima have kindly agreed to review, recommend and provide leading material on Apparent Losses in this section of the LEAKSSuite website.

Free Guidance Notes on Apparent Losses and Water Loss Reduction Planning (77 pages) with 9 separate papers as Appendices, are available from September 2015 in a format designed to be updated. The Table below lists additional papers and presentations which are freely available.

Any of the material in this Section can be downloaded free of charge; our only request is that the source (e.g. Author and www.leakssuite.com) is acknowledged if any part of the material is reproduced elsewhere.

Author(s)Title of reference material from 2005File
Boyle C.E.The Brave New World of Apparent Water Loss: Automation & Machine LearningPresentation AppLoss 2017A
Vermersch M, Carteado F, Rizzo A, Johnson E, Arregui F, Lambert AGuidance Notes on Apparent Losses and Water Loss Reduction Planning. An updated version of unpublished 2010 draft Guidance Notes, with links to 9 Appendices.GUIDANCE NOTES AND APPENDICES ON APPARENT LOSSES AND WATER LOSS REDUCTION PLANNING
Arregui F, Gavara F, Analysis of residential single jet meter accuracy degradation rate. IWA International Conference on Water Efficiency and Performance Assessment of Water Services, Cincinnati USA, April 2015Presentation AppLoss 2015D
Arregui F, Gavara F, Soriano J, Cobacho R,Analysis of Domestic water Meters Field Performance. IWA WaterLoss Conference, Vienna, April 2014Paper AppLoss 2014F
Hovany L,Providing the Conditions for Domestic Water Consumption Measurement by Water Meter. 5thIEEE International Symposium, Subotica, Serbia March 2013Paper Apploss 2013G
Hovany L,Error in Water Meter Measuring Due to Shorter Flow and Consumption Shorter Than the Time the Meter was CalibratedPaper Apploss 2012X
Ek Son Chan,
Vermersch M,
Vaughan P,
Phnom Pen Water Supply, From Devastation to Sector Leadership. Water Utility Management International, Sept 2012Paper Apploss 2012S
Arregui F,Systematic Methodology to Estimate Apparent Losses due to Water Meter Inaccuracies. ISW World Water Congress and Exhibition, Busan, September 2012Presentation AppLoss 2012R
Vermersch M,
Ek Son Chan,
Vaughan P,
Are We Going To Win The War Against NRW - Cambodia Case and Lessons Learned. Water 21, August 2012Paper Apploss 2012P
Arregui F, Soriano J, Gavara F, An Integrated Approach to Large Customer Water Meters Management. IWA WaterLoss 2012 Conference, Manila, February 2012Paper AppLoss 2012C
Vermersch M,
Johnson E,
Rizzo A,
Apparent Losses, Basically a Utility Management Issue. IWA Montreal, Sept 2010. Paper Apploss 2010S
Arregui F, Cobacho R, Soriano J, Garcia-Serra J,Calculating the Optimum Level of Apparent Losses due to Water Meter Inaccuracies. IWA Water Loss 2010 Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2010Paper AppLoss 2010Q
Johnson E,
Vermersch M,
Guidance Notes on Apparent Losses and Other Non-Revenue Consumption. IWA Water Loss 2010 Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2010Paper Apploss 2010L
Flores J, Diaz IAccurate Assessment of Undermetering in Madrid Water Supply. 5th IWA Specialist Conference on
Efficient Use and Management of Urban Water (Efficient 2009), Sydney, Australia, October 2009.
Paper AppLoss 2009T
Arregui F, Martinez B, Soriano J, Parra J,Tools for Improving Decision Making in Water Meter Management IWA Waterloss 2009, Capetown, April 2009Paper AppLoss 2009K
Fantozzi M, Lambert A, Criminisi A, Freni G, Fontanazzi C M, Investigations into Under-Registration of Customer Meters in Palermo (Italy) and the effects of Introducing Unmeasured Flow Reducers. http://www.studiomarcofantozzi.it/?p=536
Fantozzi MReduction of Customer Meters Under-registration by Optimal Economic Replacement based on Meter Accuracy Testing Programme and Un-measured Flow reducers. IWA Water Loss 2009, Cape Town, April 2009http://www.studiomarcofantozzi.it/?p=539
Arregui F, Pardo M, Parra J, Soriano J,Quantification of Meter Errors of Domestic Users: A Case Study. IWA Waterloss Conference, Bucharest, September 2007Paper AppLoss 2007S
Rizzo A, Vermersch M,
Galea St John S,
Micallef G,
Riolo S, Pace R,
Apparent Water Loss Control: The Way Forward. Water 21, Aug 2007.Paper Apploss 2007P
Rizzo AApparent Water Loss Control - Theory and Application. Leakage Italy, Ferrara, May 2006Paper AppLoss 2006H
Arregui F, Cabrera E Jr, Cobacho R, Garcia-Serra J,Key factors affecting meter accuracy. September 2005: Proceedings of IWA Special Conference ‘Leakage 2005′ ,Halifax, CanadaPaper AppLoss 2005F
Ferreol EHow to measure and reduce the water meters' park inefficiency. September 2005: Proceedings of IWA Special Conference ‘Leakage 2005′ ,Halifax, CanadaPaper AppLoss 2005E