International Leakage Management Support Services

ILMSS Ltd was created in 2003 by Allan Lambert and Janet Lambert to assist Water Utilities, regulators and consultants to promote the IWA practical approach to leakage management through the use of customised software, training, technical support and consultancy.

Allan and Janet Lambert

Since then over 100 different free, standard and professional LEAKSSuite software programs have been developed and provided to 645 recipients in 75 countries by March 2015.

ILMSS has directly participated in some 100 projects in 15 countries.

A standard national software for Water Balance and Performance Indicators calculations, available free of charge to all, is an essential tool to enable any country to rapidly adopt the IWA practical concepts.

ILMSS has developed  national Water Balance and PI software programs and Guidelines for Water Services Association of Australia and Water New Zealand, Queensland Water Directorate, and New South Wales Water Directorate.

Allan has also assisted the Water Loss Control Committee of the American Water Works Association to introduce the IWA water loss concepts to North America, through the updating of the ‘Water Audits and Loss Control Programs’ M36 Manual, and the free ‘Water Audit’ software.

Other popular software created in LEAKSSuite prior to May 2015 included:

  • CheckCalcs (Leakage and Pressure Management Opportunities)
  • PIFastCalcs (Water Balance and PIs with confidence limits)
  • PressCalcs (Pressure Management)
  • PreMOCalcs (Pressure Management Options)
  • ALCCalcs (Active Leakage Control)
  • ELLCalcs (Short Run Economic Leakage Level)
  • UFRZoneCalcs (Unmeasured Flow Reducer Calculations)
  • StiperZenia and Anper in Italy calculate leakage from Zonal Water Balance and Night Flows, (with confidence limits).

Studio Fantozzi retains exclusive rights to use the existing software, listed above, in Europe. JOAT retains exclusive rights to use Water Balance 2 Ways software, which classifies Real and Apparent Losses components of NRW in South Africa.

Copyright of all the LEAKSSUITE software remains vested in ILMSS Ltd.

ILMSS water leakage and pressure management software and services for water utilities


Allan Lambert, Managing Director