Marco Fantozzi

Marco FantozziMarco Fantozzi


Marco has 26 years’ experience in the water industry specialising in water loss management. Since 2004 Marco has been actively promoting IWA best practice methods of water loss management and has worked in many NRW projects, taking place in Italy including IREN Reggio Emilia, a leading water utility in NRW management, and abroad.

As a prominent distributor of LEAKSSuite software since 2005, his outstanding commitment and support was recognised when, in September 2013, his exclusive Software Licence distribution Agreement in Italy, West Balkans, Greece and Cyprus  was extended for a further 10 years .

In May 2015, this Agreement was further modified to an exclusive ‘ongoing use’ Agreement for some existing defined items of LEAKSSuite software – CheckCalcs, PIFastCalcs, PressCalcs, ALCCalcs, ELLCalcs, UFRZoneCalcs, ANPER, STIPERZENIA, throughout the whole of Europe, with support from Aqua Libera in West Balkans and Melcer Consulting in Greece and Cyprus.

Marco and ILMSS Directors Janet and Allan confirming their new Agreement

Marco and ILMSS Directors Janet and Allan confirming their 2013 Agreement

Marco is a leading consultant in water loss management, specialising in:

· water loss reduction programs in water distribution systems including water audit, active leakage control, meters replacement policy, pressure management and control

· strategy development for water utilities.

· capacity building and training courses based on best practice methodology and technology.

In addition, Marco participates in internationally financed projects some of which funded by the European Commission (Aquaknight, ICeWater, Waterpipe, etc.) regarding implementation of water loss reduction programs and education of water utility employees.

Marco is an expert evaluator of the European Commission for the Key Action “Sustainable Management and Quality of Water” and regularly publishes papers on issues related to water losses.

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