Jurica Kovac

 Jurica Kovac working in West Balkans on water loss reduction strategies

Jurica Kovac

In the West Balkan region Jurica Kovac, who also works with Marco Fantozzi, has 19 years experience in the water industry. Since 1997 he has been developing and promoting new ideas, technologies and methodologies in the region of former Yugoslavia, relating to water loss reduction strategies; initially as technical manager of IMGD Ltd and, since 2010, as an independent consultant in his own company AQUA LIBERA Ltd.

Jurica is a pioneer and leader in the West Balkan region, specialising in:

  • water leakage reduction programs in water distribution networks (leak detection surveys, strategy development for the utilities), measurements (instruments for flow, pressure, level), monitoring (data loggers, data transfer, district metering).
  • pressure control (pressure reduction valves, automatic control).
  • management and training courses based on methodology and technology.
  • on on-field experience, for employees in water utilities.

In 2005 Jurica began actively promoting IWA best practice methods of water loss management for a number of projects, taking place in the Croatian captial, for Zagreb Water and Sewerage Utility, one of the largest water utilities in the region.

In addition, Jurica has published a number of papers on issues related to water losses; participated in internationally financed programs (Alliance to save energy, USAID Ecolinks program, GIZ) regarding implementation of water loss reduction projects; and in the education of water utility employees


Jurica Kovac

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