As small specialist Companies based in the UK, ILMSS Ltd and WLR&A Ltd could not have provided training, mentoring and technical support required to promote and implement the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group best practices in water loss and pressure management to some 645 users of LEAKSSuite software in 75 countries by March 2015.

Regional (Exclusive) Distributors

International support was provided by allocating exclusive LEAKSSuite distribution rights, for Geographical Regions (individual countries or groups of countries), to carefully selected companies or individuals specialising in leakage and pressure management in those Regions. Their local knowledge was enhanced by regular update training in WLSG concepts, software and latest research. The software could then be further customised to meet the specific requirements of any Utility or organisation.

Issue of software site licences to individual Utilities over a number of years can result in their having most of the leakage and pressure management software  they need. Or, provision of a free national water balance software (e.g. by American Water Works Association) will reduce the demand for commercial water balance software.  Both situations are welcomed by ILMSS Ltd, as they indicate widespread buy-in to IWA best practice concepts. Thanks are therefore offered to the following former Exclusive Distributors of LEAKSSuite software, for their strong support in achieving these outcomes.

ConsultancyKey personnelPeriodGeographical Regions
JOAT Consulting South AfricaMark Shepherd2011-14Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Veritec Inc, CanadaAlain Lalonde, Paul Fanner2004-12Canada, Caribbean, U.S.A.
Wide Bay Water, AustraliaTim Waldron, David Wiskar2004-11Australia, New Zealand

European Distributor From May 2015

When the LEAKSSuite website ceased to advertise and provide commercial software, the only Agreement for ongoing use of some existing defined items of LEAKSSuite software is with Marco Fantozzi (Italy) for the whole of Europe, with support from Aqua Libera in West Balkans and Melcer Consulting in Greece and Cyprus.