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ILMSS Ltd (International Leakage Management Support Services) was created to promote the practical approach to leakage management developed and recommended in 1999/2000 by the 1st Water Loss Task Force (now the Water Loss Specialist Group) set up by the International Water Association (IWA).  Water Utilities, regulators and consultants would require training, software and technical support, to understand and successfully apply these new improved Concepts to individual water distribution systems.

Allan Lambert, the co-founder of ILMSS and Chair of the 1st IWA Task Force, already had substantial international leakage management experience in 20 countries in Africa, Australasia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North and South America, and the UK.  During the first 3 years of ILMSS, training activities in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Cyprus, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, U.K. and the U.S.A. predominated.

By 2005 ILMSS’s LEAKSSuite free and standard software programs were becoming increasingly popular. To meet growing demands for technical support and consultancy, Global Support was provided by licensing LEAKSSuite distribution rights to well-trained specialist leakage management consultants active in different geographical regions.

During 2006 to 2015, as the international reputation and membership of the Water Loss Task Force and Specialist Group grew, Allan continued to work with IWA colleagues to research and develop more advanced concepts (economic intervention, pressure:bursts relationships, Economic Leakage Level with pressure management …). The number of countries using LEAKSSuite continued to increase, with greater emphasis on more specialised professional and customised software. ILMSS created national water balance and water loss management software for the Water Services Association of Australia, and (with Wide Bay Water Corporation) provided technical support and consultancy activities for many of the large Water Service Providers in Australia during the worst years of the millennium drought.

By 2010, motivated by the IWA WLSG Pressure Management Team activities, many Utilities and countries had demonstrated that improved management of excess pressure frequently resulted in significant reductions in bursts on mains, and on services, leading to extension of infrastructure life. Recognising the importance of gaining better understanding and prediction of these relationships, Allan founded WLRandA Ltd (Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd), as a focus for research into pressure-bursts relationships, and more effective international dissemination of growing knowledge of this topic. Between 2009 and 2016 WLR&A also researched and disseminated information relating to the widespread use (or rather misuse) of inappropriate performance indicators for comparisons of leakage management performance. Activities of ILMSS Ltd and WLR&A Ltd, from 2011 are listed in Activities 2011, Activities 2012, Activities 2013, Activities 2014 and Activities 2015, etc., with links to other websites where appropriate.

As new people continually move into the leakage management, the need for training and mentoring seemed to be growing again during 2010-12. Recognising a need for more free software, papers, presentations and information the LEAKSSuite website was restructured in March 2013, and in May 2015 ILMSS and WLR&A decided that the LEAKSSuite website would become completely non-Commercial, and all information and software on the website would be free. After Info-hubs were created in LEAKSSuite during 2015 to hold the WLRandA research and analysis and other material on Influences of Pressure Management, KPIs Fit for Purpose, Apparent Losses and Global ILIs, responsibility for ongoing research activities for LEAKSSuite was transferred back to ILMSS Ltd, and  WLRandA ceased to operate as an active Company in September 2016, when the website had attracted 15,000 users from 171 countries. Quarterly updates on website statistics can be found in the Blog section of the website.

Commercial software will no longer be advertised or available for sale through the website, but will be rewritten as smaller free software packages. Consultancy services will no longer be offered for sale through the website, and the costs of running the website will be met by voluntary sponsorships.The LEAKSSuite website will aim to continue to meet and satisfy the needs of its many international users – past, present and future.

23rd August 2016.