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The purpose of this website is to provide easily accessible free information on effective water leakage and pressure management in public water distribution systems, using proven practical concepts developed by Allan Lambert and other international experts in the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group. These methods have been successfully applied since 2000 in an ever-increasing number of countries, often through the use of free software designed for international application, with outreach, international support and more.

The content of this website is continually expanding and updated. The current structure is shown below. Image Blur?

Allan Lambert ILMSS, WLR and A, water leakage and pressure managementWhen the 1st Water Loss Task Force (1995-99), chaired by Allan, published its best practice international Water Balance, and the Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) – the only Performance Indicator designed to compare Real Loss management performance between Utilities – it became clear that a major opportunity had been created to move on from traditional and previous largely inefficient attempts to effectively manage Non Revenue Water. Global ILIs are becoming increasingly available.

 ILMSS Ltd (International Leakage Management Support Services Ltd) was set up in 2003 to provide training and  technical support to ‘spread the word’ internationally through the LeaksSuite leakage and pressure management range of software. By March 2015, 645 recipients in  some 75 countries had LeaksSuite programs, mostly provided with expert global support by specialist regional consultants, fully trained in the concepts and applications.

Some important topics, such as pressure:bursts relationships and effects on infrastructure life, had been largely ignored in the past. WLRandA Ltd (Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd) was set up in 2010 to specialise in such research.

Outreach from the website is provided through numerous Free Papers and PPTs, Blogs and lists of Activities by calendar year. International support has been provided by IWA Water Loss Specialist Group practitioners with experience and knowledge of different geographical regions.

Information in this website has taken years of effort to assemble, by many people. From March 2013 to March 2015, there were 4200 users of the website from 135 countries, and in April 2015 we decided to make all material on the website available free. We hope you will be able to use it as a free resource to make further progress in the innovative application of science to practical water leakage and pressure management.

We thank our Sponsors for their financial assistance which enables us to continue to provide this service.  If you find the website useful, and you wish to help others less fortunate, please consider making a donation to Water Aid.

LeaksSuite Website Approach

The LeaksSuite website is written by us using current issue industry standard open source WordPress software and appropriate plug-in and back-up applications and themes; as such it is robust and independent to our best endeavours. The site adopts Google Analytics (GA) to monitor search engine results pages (SERPS) and to track other anonymous user parameters in an effort to maintain currency of content and focus on our mission through consistent and appropriate inclusion and site navigation. GA filters are applied to reduce referral and other spam and this apparent traffic reduction is reflected in the statistics quoted. Search engine optimisation (SEO) follows “white hat” content driven best practice without any attempt to apply black-hat techniques. As such the page rank and authority of the site are derived purely by and are dependent upon substantial verified industry leading content and references. It is our intention to continuously enliven the site with new content and innovation.

Allan and Janet Lambert. On behalf of ILMSS Ltd and WLRandA Ltd 10th April 2015